Welcome to the Fellow Membership

Fellowship of the IBS is the most prestigious membership grade of IBS– a true mark of distinction and an aspiration for all, and the designation of fellowship is now more than ever a demonstration of impact on the profession. The attainment of Fellowship should be the goal for all that wish to excel in the profession and is the level at which other professions will measure you and IBS.

You may be eligible to become a Fellow if you currently have, or previously have had significant experience and can clearly demonstrate a sustained or significant contribution to the profession or wider industry. Entry is granted based on the outcome of an external assessment undertaken after successful completion of an application form covering key competence areas reflecting the Professional Standards with an emphasis on your personal impact and contribution. An interview may also be required to support the application.

To become a Fellow of the institute, individuals must meet the eligibility criteria below and can apply from any existing grade or directly as a non-member.  The direct entry route is not assessed on qualification but against experience held and the contribution and impact on the wider industry.

Applications are split into six sections which must be completed in full:

1. Scene Setting
Explaining key strategic and influential responsibilities and accountabilities within a recent position.

2. Strategy
Illustrating your strategic influence within an organization, including examples of projects or strategies that have impacted on the financial performance, efficiencies and customer experience.

3. Leadership Qualities
Highlighting how you have effectively led a team or major initiative to achieve business success.

4. Change Management
Describe a significant and successful change management programme that you have led.

5. Business Continuity, Risk, and Compliance
Providing demonstrable examples of how you have developed or impacted on an effective FM risk strategy; FM policies and protocols to maintain compliance with legislative, statutory and regulatory obligations in line with best practice.

6. Impact and Contribution
Reflecting on your personal contribution to the industry or wider built environment profession, either through an organization or in a voluntary capacity (for example through an IBS) – identifying how you will continue to contribute to the Institute or profession in a promotional or ambassadorial role.

An applicant needs to update his membership to fellow membership by submitting assessment forms and fee.