Level 4 Qualifications – Level 4 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Facilities Management

The Level 4 Facilities Management qualifications, awarded at Award, Certificate and Diploma levels, will enable you to enhance your practice management skills for a facilities management role. The programme has been designed to provide you with a holistic and total understanding of facilities management and the techniques, methods and skills necessary to fulfil the role.

The work focused assessments emphasise launching new facilities management projects and completing high-priority tasks in this growing industry sector. The training programme also looks at corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues in facilities management and addresses aspects related to customer service, operational performance and estate management.

Level 4 Qualifications are aimed at professionals working at an operational management level. The courses are, however, also suitable for those aspiring to these roles looking to further develop in their roles. Although there are no set course pre-requisites, it is recommended that learners have a background in facilities management or related fields.

Qualified candidates are likely responsible for managing:

  • Day-to-day operations (in-house or outsourced)
  • A range of support services
  • Contractors and key supplier relationships
  • Budgets
  • Health and safety
  • FM projects

To be qualified at Level 4 and receive an IBS qualification in Facilities Management, learners are required to complete one of the following schemes:

  • Level 4 Award: 1 mandatory units (6 credits) + additional 6 credits
  • Level 4 Certificate: 2 mandatory units (12 credits) + additional 12 credits
  • Level 4 Diploma: 5 mandatory units (29 credits) + additional 19 credits
L401 General review of facilities management-6
L402Management of health and safety in facilities management10
L403Team management in FM8
L404Strategic planning in facilities management3
L405Support services operations in facilities management5
L406Risk management in facilities management5
L407Financial management in the FM sector7
L408Environment management in facilities management3
L409Managing projects in FM7
L410Maintain good relationship with contractors, and supplies FM4
L411Promote equality in facilities management4
L412Develop and manage excellent customer service in FM5
L413Deep cleaning equipment, Internal surface premises and facilities7
L414Space management in FM5
L415Understanding outsourcing in FM3
L416Managing energy and utilities in FM4
L417Corporate social responsibility and sustainability in FM3
L418Effective action on waste management in FM6
L419Repairs and maintenance in facilities management7
L420Tools, equipment, applications, devices and assessment criteria0

At least one is required for admission:

  1. A-level or high secondary certificate
  2. 2 years of full-time experience in facilities and buildings.