• Asbestos Control Program
  • Asbestos Health & Environmental Safety Compliance
  • Asbestos health effects and risks training
  • Asbestos risk management training
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Employee information training


  • Accident & Incident Prevention Investigation
  • Accident and prevention training
  • Accident Investigation corporate training
  • Accident method training
  • Accident prevention theory training
  • General Incident Investigation training
  • Near miss Prevention training
  • Risk assessment and investigation certification

Anger Management

  • Back Safety and lift Training
  • General Manual Handling Training
  • Manual Handling back safety training
  • Safe lifting guidance
  • Safe lifting training
  • Behaviours based safety supervision training
  • Behaviour-based safety training
  • Safety behaviour awareness training

Back Safety

  • Back Safety and lift Training
  • General Manual Handling Training
  • Manual Handling back safety training
  • Safe lifting guidance
  • Safe lifting training

Behaviour Based Training

  • Behaviours based safety supervision training
  • Behaviour-based safety training
  • Safety behaviour awareness training


  • The competent person for construction training
  • Concrete and Masonry Training
  • Construction Excavation Training
  • Understanding construction training
  • Construction Project Management training
  • Project Management Training
  • Construction Planning Training
  • Quality control and quality assurance training
  • Quality control Inspection Training


  • Emergency communication training


  • Construction Crane Safety
  • Crane Toppling Incident
  • Crane Hoists and Truck Safe operation training
  • Overhead and Gantry Crane operations Training
  • Overhead Crane operator safety management

Crane, Lift, and Sling

  • Crane operations and safety training
  • Crane, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, and conveyor for construction
  • Different types of cranes, operational procedures and safety training
  • Indoor crane and sling safety training
  • Powered platforms training
  • Safe use of crane and sling training
  • Understanding crane and sling operations training

Crusher Safety

  • General Certificate in Welding
  • Hot work and welding fire training
  • Hot Work Permit Training
  • Oxygen Acetylene Awareness training
  • Wielding and cutting Certificate
  • Welding and Cutting for Construction
  • Welding fumes awareness Certificate
  • Welding Safety Certificate
  • Welding, cutting and brazing Safety
  • Welding, cutting and burning awareness training
  • Welding cutting and brazing Training


  • Cyanide Awareness Training
  • Cyanide Safety Training

Diesel Equipment

  • Hazards of Diesel Exhaust Awareness


  • Mine Disaster Awareness Training

Drone Safety

  • Drone in the Legal Environment
  • UAS Safety and risk management Training


Dust & Silica 

  • Dust control on hard mines operations
  • Respirators and Dust Hazards Certificate
  • Sec 2 Dust control Human Respiratory
  • Sec 3 Health Hazards of Coal mine Dust
  • Sec 4 Respirable Coal mine standards
  • Sec 5 miners rights
  • Sec 6 generic Method of contaminated dust control
  • Sec 7 UG mining method and source dust
  • Sec 8 Longwall Dust control Method
  • Sec 9 Continuous Mining dust control
  • Sec 10 Dust control plan
  • Sec 11 Coal mine dust sampling
  • Silica Risk Reduction Training
  • Silicosis prevention


  • Egress and fire Protection certificate
  • Egress and fire Protection Training
  • Safe Egress
  • Safe Exit training

Electrical Safety

  • Basic electrical safety Training
  • Construction electrical safety Certificate
  • Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Hazards Certificate
  • Electrical Hazards Prevention
  • Electrical Risk Management Training
  • Electrical Safety Awareness
  • Electrical Safety construction revised
  • Electrical safety qualified person certificate
  • Electrical safety-related work practice
  • Electrical safety special Training
  • Electrical Visual inspection Training
  • General Electrical Safety
  • Ground Field Resistance Testing Certificate
  • Small Mines grounding testing
  • Supervisor Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Underground electrical safety training

Eye Protection

  • Eye and face protection training
  • Eye and face protection workplace
  • Eye protection Industrial Training
  • Healthy vision at workplace Certificate
  • Sight Conservation Program

Fall Protection

  • Additional basic fall Training
  • Advance fall training
  • Basic Crane Rigging Certification
  • Basic fall Prevention Training
  • Construction Fall Hazards certificate
  • Extensive fall Protection Training
  • Fall Protection and Ladder safety training
  • Fall Protection certificate in construction training
  • General fall prevention and protection Training
  • General fall protection Certification

Fire safety 

  • Advance Fire Extinguishers training
  • Basic Egress and fire protection
  • Basic Fire safety construction
  • Egress and fire safety protection training
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire prevention for the construction certificate
  • Fire protection and prevention for construction
  • Fire safety and extinguishers certification
  • Fire Safety at work certification
  • Flammability, Combustion and Fire Protection Training
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids


  • Fire Extinguisher and Suppression Activation training
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection Training
  • Extinguisher Safety Training
  • Fire Hazards of Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere
  • General certification of Fire protection

First Aid

  • Basic First Aid for Medical Emergencies
  • Basic First Aid training
  • First Aid for Sprain and Strain Training
  • First Aid Procedures & Medical care animal bite
  • First Aid Training for the Mining Industry
  • First Aid Awareness training
  • General Emergency First Aid certification
  • Musculoskeletal care aid training

Flammable & Combustible 

  • Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Flammable Hazardous Material Training


  • Fuseology Basic Protection


  • Fork Lift Awareness
  • Forklift Safety training
  • Forklift and lift truck safety training
  • Forklift safety training
  • General forklift safety certificate
  • General forklift training
  • Safe lift Truck operation


  • Gases prevention and protection Certificate
  • H2S Awareness Training
  • Mine Gases Training

Ground Stability 

  • GC Surface Mine Part one Training
  • GC Surface mine part two Training

Hand & Power tools 

  • Basic hand and power tools training
  • Basic power tool training
  • Hand and power tool safety training 2
  • Metabo Grander training
  • Portable Grinder Safety Training
  • Portable power tools Training
  • Power press operator training

Handling Material 

  • General Material handling training
  • Material Handling and Storage Training
  • Material Handling injury awareness
  • Material Handling construction Certification

Hazard Recognition

  • Recognize any hazards training
  • Hazards Recognition Office Training
  • Hazards Recognition Workplace
  • Tree Trimming Safety Training

Hazardous Material 

  • General Certificate in Occupational Health and Environmental health training
  • Hazardous Waste Training
  • Shipping Hazards Material Training

Hazards Chemical 

  • Chemical Spills Training

Hazards Communication

  • Employee orientation and training
  • Basic Hazards communication training
  • Hazards communication extended training
  • Hazards communication for employee
  • Hazards communication training
  • Organisation hazards training for employee


  • Black Lungs Awareness Training
  • Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Training
  • Cold Injuries and prevention training
  • Cold Stress awareness
  • General health and Occupational fire safety for construction
  • Health Hazards in Construction
  • Health monitoring for the none Industrial HY
  • Hypothermia Training
  • Silicosis Training
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Training

Hearing Conservation 

  • Basic Hearing Conservation Program
  • Effective Noise Control and at night Construction training
  • General Certificate in Hearing Conservation
  • Hearing Conservation in Construction
  • My safety and health training
  • Noise Exposure at work awareness Training
  • Noise Safety training
  • Sight and hearing conservation training
  • Workers Hearing Conservation Training

Heat Stress 

  • Basic Heat Safety Training
  • Heat Stress Prevention Training
  • Heat Stress Training
  • Limiting Heat Burden while wearing PPE
  • Physiological Monitoring heat stress training

Heavy Equipment 

  • Safety Climbing up and down on machinery training


  • General Certificate in Housekeeping
  • Workplace in housekeeping training

Hydraulic Safety 

  • High-Pressure Injection training
  • Hydraulic Safety Training


  • Basic Industrial Hygiene Certification
  • Industrial Hygiene Training
  • Occupational health and Hygiene training
  • Occupational Hygiene Introduction Certificate

Laboratory Safety 

  • Biological Laboratory Safety training
  • Chemical Spills Lab Safety Training
  • General Laboratory Safety Training
  • Lab Safety for employee
  • Lab Safety rule training
  • Laboratory Safety Certificate Training

Ladders & Stairs

  • Fall Protection and ladder safety training
  • Ladder safety Certification
  • Ladders and Stairs training
  • Mandatory safety standards for ladders
  • Stairs and ladders safety training


  • Lead exposure for the construction certificate
  • Lead general Industry Training
  • Lead Hazards care home and hospitals training


  • Leadership Strategies Training
  • Leadership training
  • Customer service training
  • Marketing Strategy Training

Lift Devices 

  • Aerial lift and evaluating Platform training
  • Aerial lift safety training
  • Aerial lift safety in construction
  • Scissor lifts General training

Maintenance & Repair 

  • Maintenance repair Hazards safety Training

Material Handling 

  • Material handling and storage Training
  • Material handling injuries training
  • Material handling safety training
  • Material handling, storage, use, and disposal for construction

Mine Drainage 

  • Mine Drainage Certification

Mine Emergency 

  • Part 1- Mine Emergency
  • Part-2 Emergency response plan
  • Part-3 Communication and tracking
  • Part-4 Escape and evacuation
  • Part-5 Safe heaven

Mobile Hazards 

  • Mobile safety general certificate
  • Motor vehicles, mechanized equipment training
  • Operating safety for dragline training
  • Snake safety training
  • Use of mobile equipment training


  • Motivational safety Training

Night Work

  • Night highway construction work safety training

Office Safety Training

  • General office safety certificate
  • General basic training
  • Office Electrical Safety training
  • Office Hazards safety training Recognition

Personal Protective Equipment 

  • Chemical Protection training
  • General Certificate in PPE level 3
  • General certificate in PPE
  • Hand Print Safety Training
  • Hand Protection at work training
  • Hard hat safety training
  • Personal Protective and lifesaving equipment for construction training
  • Person protective equipment in Construction site
  • PPE employee awareness
  • PPE employee training
  • PPE for University staff training
  • PPE general industry outreach training
  • PPE toolbox talk training
  • PPP firefighting training

Process Safety Management

  • Process safety management contractor training
  • Process safety management
  • hazardous chemical training
  • Process Safety management initial training

Propane Safety 

  • Natural gas safety Training
  • Safe Handling of gases training



  • Lionizing Radiation Training

Record keeping 

  • General recordkeeping certificate
  • Record keeping training
  • Record keeping and reporting training

Respiratory Protection

  • Basic Respiratory Protection training
  • Respiratory PPE training
  • Respiratory Protection Training

Risk Management

  • Certificate in Risk Management

Roof Control

  • Trusses Training

Safe Work Permit 

  • Safe Work Permit Training

Safety Culture 

  • Achieving new safety culture training
  • Achieving safety culture Certificate
  • Leadership strategies training

Safety Programs 

  • Developing effective health and safety programs
  • Electrical equipment safety program
  • Health and safety management program
  • Safety program for construction
  • Worker accident prevention training


  • Advance Scaffolding safety Training
  • Basic health and safety management
  • Certification in scaffolding safety
  • General certificate in Scaffolding safety for construction level 3
  • One day safety program for construction


  • Signs and tags awareness training
  • Signs awareness

Slip, trip, & fall 

  • Basic slip, trip and fall training
  • Slip, trip, and fall awareness
  • Slip, trip and fall prevention
  • Slips, trips fall working surface training
  • Winter weather hazards prevention training


  • Health hazards of solvents training

Spill Prevention 

  • Spill prevention and control training

Stockpile Safety

  • Dozer Safety on stockpile
  • Stockpile maintenance procedures
  • Surge pile safety

Stored Energy 

  • Control hazardous energy Certification


  • Advance certificate in stress management
  • Stress emotions training


Substance Abuse 

  • Suspicious drug screening Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Responding to substance abuse in the workplace
  • General certificate on drug prevention
  • First response overdose response training
  • Drugs and alcohol in mines safety
  • Drugs and alcohol-free workplace
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse training
  • Drug and alcohol testing policy at work
  • Alcohol energy drink awareness


  • General ventilation Certification
  • Mine ventilation hazards and control training
  • Mine ventilation training
  • Ventilation systems control measurement training

Walking, Working safety

  • Walking working surface training
  • Winter weather hazards training

Weather Safety 

  • Adverse Weather Training
  • Lightning safety training
  • Severe summer weather training
  • Weather and climate training
  • Weather change scepticism training
  • Winder weather safety

Confined Space

  • Confined space training

Waste Management

  • Solid waste management training
  • General waste management training


  • Quantity Surveyor training
  • Residential Surveyor
  • Valuation Surveyor
  • Quality control and quality assurance training
  • Quality control Inspection Training

Infrastructure Auditors

  • General health and safety audit training
  • Office Audit training
  • Schools for schools training
  • Hospital audit training
  • Fire safety audit training
  • Disable audit training
  • Legionella audit training
  • Road safety audit training
  • Street audit training

Facilities Management 

  • General health and safety audit training
  • Office Audit training
  • Schools for schools training
  • Hospital audit training
  • Fire safety audit training
  • Disable audit training
  • Legionella audit training
  • Road safety audit training
  • Street audit training